• Customer-Relationship-Management

    Get Real Time Results

    Survey your clients via SMS, APPS or on-location mobile devices

    Timeliness in responding to clients is key in building strong relationships. Traditional surveys could lack accuracy as they come from memory, not the sentiment of the moment. With TellMe Box you can timely act upon your client’s feedback.

  • Client-Rewards

    Reward your clients instantly

    Send them cupons, special promotions or messages

    Thank your clients for their feedback, and engage them to come back or refer friends and relatives. Show them you respect and value their time and opinion. With TellMe Box you can send instant rewards.

  • Spot-Surveys

    Create different survey areas within locations

    Get as specific as you decide

    Client’s experience might vary according to time, location, personnel or specific service areas. With TellMe Box you can easily measure client’s perception on each one of this scenarios.

  • Consulting-NSP

    Manage it yourself or we can do it for you!

    We know some are hand-on clients and others prefer assistance

    We want you to succeed in learning more about your clientele and growing your business. Our system is managed by a simple, easy to use cloud-based tool. Also, the TellMe Box consulting team can offer support and management of the service.

Listen to your clients… Watch your business grow!
Do you wish you had a tool to listen to your client’s feedback? With TellMe Box you can create digital comment cards and tie-in special offers while keeping track of the exact time and location of your customer’s visit.
Now have a better understanding of our clients’ needs
Carlos Jiménez
Fast Lane Franchising, Inc.
Fast Lane Franchising, Inc.is a successful chain of car wash and lube stations with a loyal client base and a steady growth. For 12 years, it has strived to offer the best service and has conducted countless market studies, including expensive mystery shopper services. However, Fast Lane management felt they needed to hear more about their client’s real needs, hear what had to say, truly understand their perception about the service, and above all, know if they were compelled to recommend Fast Lane to other people.

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